Addition Services

As your family grows and your needs change, your space needs change too. A home addition is a great way to adapt to your family’s evolving needs and to give you the space for improved comfort and functionality. Home additions can also make the most of your property and increase its value. Regardless of your reason and need, there are many considerations associated with a home addition. One of the initial considerations is the type of addition you should consider.

A build out expands your home’s footprint at the ground level and depends on how close the proposed addition is to your property line. A build up vertically builds on top of your current structure to extend an existing upper floor or create a new level.

A detached build is a completely new structure that isn’t attached to the main home. Like a build out, this option is often dependent on the size of your property.

We offer services to help you with your home addition and can help you decide which type of home addition is the right fit for your needs and your property, sharing any local restrictions on home addition construction. Similar to our other services, we start any engagement with our free consultation services to fully understand your objectives, needs and wants, and offer recommendations to suit your needs including budget considerations. Once we collectively decide on the type of build that suits your needs, we create a customized architectural design plan with specific detail required for permitting, and can provide 3-D design services for the interior of your addition. Once permits and plans are completed, we commence our construction services to build your addition. We employ project management at every step of the construction to meet the timeline and to ensure qualify performance.

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