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Blueprint Design

Our clients value the relationship we build with them and recognize our commitment to quality, staying on budget and within the schedule agreed upon. We build relationships with our customers through excellent design and superior service. Project Management is at the heart of all the work we do for our customers and the means by which we are able to achieve our commitment to deliver quality construction, on time and within budget. With KLR Construction Project Management oversight, projects will be completed with 100% satisfaction.  Our Project Management and installation process is as follows:


1) Free On-Site Consultation:

The KLR Construction Project Manager will schedule a convenient time to meet with you to discuss your design concepts and/or create rough drawings. He will take exact measurements of the project area from which conceptual designs will be developed.

3) Written Estimates:
KLR Construction will provide you with a written estimate that details the work to be performed, our responsibilities and commitment to you, the costs of labor and materials necessary to complete the job, and the schedule from start to a completion date. We will keep you informed on a daily or other mutually agreed upon basis.

2) Conceptual Design:
This is the heart of the design process. Your ideas and ours come together in a series of sketches that reflect the design elements you want, with the utility you need. Once we have agreed upon the design that meets your needs, we create a hardline design sketch that includes building and design specifications, dimensions and building materials. Here we review budget and determine costs. Once you are satisfied and approve the design sketches, a written estimate is prepared.

4) Installation:
Once the first three steps are completed and approved by each customer then the project can begin. Before any physical work starts, our team takes the necessary precautions to prep your job site.  KLR Construction takes the time to cover up all your personal belongings, install temporary vapor barriers to keep the work space away from the rest of your house.  Each job site is kept clean and we check with each customer to make sure they are comfortable while the work commences. 

5) Final Inspection:
Once the installation is complete, a Project Manager will go through a final inspection with you to make sure the job meets your approval.  A final invoice will only be submitted once you are 100% satisfied with the work performed. 

Impeccable Performance.      Professionalism.      Customer Satisfaction at all times!
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